Setting up soft wash tanks

hey there
I am currently trying to set up my soft wash system and I may have run into a little problem.

I have an 8 gallon tank for soap… a 16 gal for SH and then a 55 gal drum for water.

am i going to run into problems with drawing do to the different kinds of tanks?
what should i make sure to consider before going any farther… such as like keeping the lines the same length?

thanks in advance!

Do you have a proportioner?

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Types of tank shouldn’t matter at all…sizes will matter only so far as running them out. How are you hooking them up or using them, etc is more important, as was said already.


yes i do have one

It’s pretty simple, just adjust your proportioner to whatever strength you like and have at it. Doesn’t really matter how far or close the tanks are within reason. My SH tank is next to my proportioner, the water tank on the other side of the trailer.