Service Truck For Sale

I have a buddy who is selling a pretty decent truck and a reasonable price if any one is interested let me know and I can get you his number.


2003 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel 142k Miles. Runs good. I believe he said it will need tires soon. He is asking $5300 but I believe he has some wiggle room. Would be a great truck for someone starting out. Located in North Mississippi.


@racer is this what you was talking about yesterday?

Is the engine bulletproofed?

No but it does have an aftermarket EGR but not deleted, an upgraded FICM, and he said he just serviced it.

I earned being able to post this without feeling bad! I hope he sells it but I wouldn’t sell it to anyone one here!


Hahaha. Thats low miles for a diesel but im not mechanically inclined at all. Whats bad about this truck?

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Just google 6.0 powerstroke… but honestly if you drop $4k-$5k to have it bulletproofed it will run forever if done right. After doing that it’s definitely one of the best bang for your buck as far as diesel goes.

Not the baby sharks, how could you. PINKFONG!

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