Service beds-mounting engines


The guys using service beds, how are you mounting the engines? Are you beefing up the structure of the toolbox, and if so how are you doing that? I went and looked at the truck today and might be buying it, before I do I want to make sure I’m not getting into a huge project.

I’m not a welder or a fabricator, although I’m not against paying someone to do fab work.


I’d be taking the racks off, that are bolted on top of the boxes



Do you have to beef them up structurally, or mounting over a door where there is a support already good enough? I know there are variables… it would just be two 13hp engines.


I didn’t do anything but drill 4 holes and bolt them down. My skids are around 400 lbs and I’ve never had any problem. Silicone around the holes and you’ll be good.


Thank you, good to know.