SEO/Ranking on Google

It seems we keep getting pushed down on Google by other PW companies into oblivion. We operate via word of mouth for window cleaning but can’t do that PW as everyone is doing it here.

Our website is through GoDaddy and they are offering SEO services, but wanted to get with you guys first if there is a better, more effective way.

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It’s a giant pandora’s box…we generally hire it out to stay on top. You can do all the stuff, there’s guys on YT that post videos about the algorithm (which is always changing). You have to constantly be making posts, dummy “blogs” with backlinked content, pics with meta data & geo tags (I vaguely know what those mean). Needless to say, a lot goes into it :joy:

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If I remember right, in another post of yours you said the outfit you use for SEO wasn’t taking on new clients?

Has this changed since, and you could now recommend their service?

If not, is there another company you recommend?

Thank you for all your input on this forum BTW!

You have to reply directly to him or tag him like this @JAtkinson so that he gets notified.


Didn’t realize that was directed at me…there are tons of companies doing it, just find someone within your makret that you can come to an agreement and work well with.

Well, pretty sure Brock isn’t doing SEO. :wink:

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Well, I see that now…if I go back through the thread with the process of elimination :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I know that probably took you awhile to do.