Send out Cards

I’ve recently been introduced to
It seems like a cost effective way to engage existing clients. I’ve started using it to send a “thank you for your business” card out about a week after a job. Total cost for a card is 2 bucks. And about a dollar for a post card. Anybody use them? Anybody think I’m nuts for sending my customers cards?

You’re definitely not crazy, but I have my wife do them because she does calligraphy and loves doing it. I think that a handwritten card is definitely more meaningful than a generic one, but it’s definitely better than nothing!

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Do you do any kind of follow up after an initial “thanks man?” Like mailing offers or anything? I’m trying to sort out the best way to market to my past customers (I’ve been reading some books lol) but want to know kind of what you guys are doing. I’m also feeling out a referral rewards program.

You are on the right track. I have been using SOC in my professional practice for 4 years now. We get referrals from people where the only way we stay in touch is with SOC.

IMO, a great way to contact reconnect is look them up on FB, get their birthday and send them a Happy Birthday card.

There are tons of ways to use SOC to strengthen relationships. If you have questions, message me through FB.

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Sorry to bump and old thread… Have any of you guys noticed repeat customers by doing this? have been considering getting a decent amount of cards made and sending them out to some of our last years customers with “enjoy a %% discount for a routine maintenance” hopefully get them to come again this year!

I always send a thank you along with a series of follow up card. I use send jim. Cost is around .75 per card. I would definitely recommend them.

I agree Clean1. SOC continues to work well for my Firm. That and SEO is how we have a 100% inbound referral business; + our reputation of course. No other marketing necessary.