Send Customer Contact Form to SMS

If somebody fills out a customer contact form on your website, that is usually a message you want to get ASAP. But personally, my email is all full of garbage from Home Depot and Fiix and Buildzoom and Yelp. I really don’t pay much attention to it. So I had the brilliant idea to send customer contact messages to SMS: That’s for Sprint, but I’m sure other carriers have something similar.

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Love that idea!

Or just create a filter so those emails go to a separate folder automatically. Easy to do in gmail

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I don’t get email alerts on my phone. But I always feel it vibrate with a text.

Does the separate folder only alert you to those specific emails?

Doesn’t alert, I just check my email every hour out of habit

A great tool for automation that can send your emails to your phone via SMS is zapier. Works great for me!

My email enquiries come through responsibid. I have email filters so these emails get duplicated into their own inbox and a funky ringtone. Emails alerts are pushed to my phone, so it’s beeping quite regularly. I won’t check my very message immediately.

But when I hear the special email ringtone… I’m all over it!