Selecting an Xjet

Newbie here. Trying to figure which Xjet M5 to purchase for my Simpson 2.5 gpm 3700 psi pressure washer.

The #7 shows that the Max PSI is 2-3000 and 2-2.5 gpm.

The #9 which I believe is the next size up, is 3.5 gpm. Would #9 be a better choice? I’m not sure if I’m able to use this since mine is 2.5 gpm and I’m not sure if #7 can handle the 3700 PSI.

Any insight would be great.


It’s been a while since I bought (and used) mine but I don’t think pressure factors into the sizes so much as the GPM on the M5. Looks like you need the #7. 3700psi won’t be hitting the orifice inside the xjet.

If you had a 4/4 machine I’d just send you mine.