Seems like a great deal, am I missing something?






Good for catching Bluegill but I’m more of an artificial bait kinda guy myself. Maybe it’s the Millennial in me. (Sorry don’t have much of an opinion on that, just not enough knowledge about it) But i can sit here and argue it’s worth having the lower gears in a 18 speed vs a 13 even if you never use them.


Lmao! @Rusty

Well I love my 13 speed, but I’m rarely over 83,000, that lil Detroit is underpowered in the high side, no issues in the low side.

But can you explain this…

Why does the 13 actually have 15 forward gears?!?!? You can put it in what would be 6th in a 10 speed, and it will split. It’s lower than 6/7 and higher than 5th. But not as far apart as 5 and 6th. Odd as he//


Some internet sluething found some talk of Allison pumps as being built by Udor, I could speculate further that its the same for the gear box.


I don’t know :thinking:. I’ve never tried to put one in the high side of low. Im still stuck on the word Detroit. Your telling me that Pete has a Detroit in it?


As an experiment I’m buying an Allison pump with gearbox 6.8 gpm for $520 from enviro and matching it with a 18hp DuroMax motor ($350)… want to see how long they actually will run for. With unloader, block, and aluminum base plate I’m at $1050 for the package. Curious to see how long a thousand dollar 7gpm will last.

If it breaks o well… if it last all season going 40 hours a week I’ll be happy lol


I have heard rumors that Allison’s are made by Udor… I’ve also heard rumors DuroMax are made in the same factory as Honda


What site is this from?


It looks like Envirospec.


That’s Steve @Steve



I just found it while randomly searching. Seems like it would be worth a try!


Yes, all 3 of our gliders are Detroit’s… even the pride & class. sad but true. And still only averaging 5.4 mpg.

Try shifting out of 5th, into what would be 6th if it were a 10 speed. Over and back instead of over and up. Mine will go right in, and it will split also. It’s slightly out of progression, but you can use it several guys swear it’s not there till they try it LOL😂

Looks like. Big dog, but hides an Kawasaki green Detroit behind those polished fenders…


That’s a nice truck man! I’ll let you slide on the Detroit. When we ordered this one there were to many good paying loads going to California to get a glider. It’s a 2016 Cummins and 18 speed. I think the to date mileage is 7.4, I’d have to recheck. We have been super happy with her. Almost 600k so far without any trouble at all. Only pulled a tank all her life and it’s always over gross loaded or empty coming home. Pretty much 50/50.


Keep me posted! Show us the build when you get around to it. I’m interested.


Thx, I’ve been thinking of trying something similar. They’ve got some smoking hot prices sometimes. Now I don’t have to. Will await your reports.


I’ll be ordering two pumps tomorrow… start using them mid March


Build should be complete in two weeks


Shoot some videos if you can :+1: