Securing wheeled machines

Did another reorganization of my trailer last week, I added a ladder rack, reel rack and had a little idea on securing my machines that still allows me to remove them without much drama.
So far it’s working a treat so I might fully weld off angle wheel braces and give the whole trailer a paint job.

Before I weld off has anyone got suggestions - apart from me taking welding lessons lol


Really like those braces, pretty neat. I’d weld up something on trailer so you can attach signs for marketing and branding. Slap some paint on it and some signs then keep washing!

I think that Blue paint would look awesome!

Also that’s an interesting wand holder on top of the tote, is it a gun rack?!

Thanks for the input, we were considering either blue or orange paint- cant decide as of yet.
And yes that is a gun rack, I got the idea from Racer he is a wise one.


I would paint the trailer blue and the ladder rack orange. Then move to Gainesville Florida and get business from having a trailer painted like the college football team lol


Awww look at the little GX390 next to the GX690 :+1:t2::blush:

Is that a WS202 InterPump on the GX390? 21/2900?

Love this too…

Do you have to pick them up and over the angle iron?

I think you can rind a way to be more clever than that. Im thinking a latch and pin or removable chocks, something not so permanent. But I struggle when theres too many options and I dont know what your comfortable with.

Why do you remove them?

Aussie, I noticed your license plate. Northern Territory?? What in the world is there to wash in NT? I hunted water buffalo and some other species there about 15 years ago and I think I only saw 200 people and 40 house while in the NT.

Yeah mate WS 202, got a k1 unloader as well, the motor idles if I’m off the trigger for more than 5 sec which i thought was cool but from what I have read they like to run at w.o.t for optimal cooling? Do yours idle down?

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Yes I would if I needed to remove, nice little binder you linked there cheers.

I’m sure there are more clever ways to secure them however I’m not too smart but I can lift heavy things lol.
Seriously I might still modify i removed the wheels then toyed with different vibration dampers and ended up looking at the angle iron and my grinder and welder and thought wait a minute…

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I haven’t needed to remove them yet but if I did for mechanical or access reasons it would be rather simple.

I hope you had some success on your hunting safari here, we have a huge amount of feral pigs and buffalo to hunt here.
We also have at least double that amount of houses and people lol.
Oh and a couple of LNG refineries and a bunch of mines that I would like to get my wash on with.

We had a very successful hunt. We took Banteng, Wild Ox, Wild dog and some pigs. What I thought was really cool were the White Umbrella Cockatoo’s. There must have been thousands in and around the hunting camp. We also hunted near Brisbane while we were on the same trip… a lot cooler temps down there!

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You have the newer iGX390 then :+1:t2:

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