Securing ibc tote

What are you guys using to secure your water tanks? I ran my tanks half way last year for driving purposes but this year i plan on getting two 8 gpm machines so i’d like to run my tank full on the trailer. Right now i have 2 heavy duty straps connected to eye hooks that i have secured to the trailer floor.

But i just dont trust driving with my tank full. Should i add 2 more heavy duty straps to make it more sturdy? Or is there a way that i can put a piece of metal under the trailer to secure too? I dont trust the wood

We just did ours. We used 1/2” J bolts. One on each corner.

I screw the cage down first with washers, then I place weight rated tie downs (2 per side) and chain it to the floor, I use a ratchet binder to remove the slack.

water is 8 pounds per gallon a tote is 275-300 gallons so figure 2400 static rating now go figure your dynamic rating for when you slam on the brakes. That will be your base for calculating the straps or chains or bolts needed to secure the tote. You do your math, I’m not paying your insurance.

I still empty my water tote whenever it is not needed. Safety first.

Do you travel with a full tank?

Whatever you use should go through the decking and have a backing plate on the underside that spans across a couple of boards. I used lawnmower blades, but I’m also running a leg tank with steel bands

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Yes I do it feels very secure . But as Jake said its good to have a backing plate. We cut 4” pieces of steel for the underside