Second guessing...myself

hey folks…your views and thoughts would be appreciated…

had an opportunity to give an estimate on two jobs recently…both involved high elevated tile roofs…as a precautionary measure, efficiency and to have the work done professionally I suggested to the home owners a form of lift is required to complete the job and duly submitted into the price or estimated cost…in my summation the estimates was fairly priced, obviously not because they went with another company…now i am second guessing whether or not my pricing was fair…? i took into consideration the information i learned in this forum as far as pricing and applied it. i was not prepared to low ball myself unnecessarily neither put my life in danger by forgoing the use of the equipment. have you been in this predicament of second guessing your price or method for performing your task?

Everyone second guesses themselves when loosing a bid. Was the lift a major cost? Was it really needed? Did you price yourself out of the job? Was the customer going to go with the lowest bid? Did you ask?..all these questions and more… Move on, you felt your bid was fair…you can’t control that the customer didn’t.

It used to bother me when I lost a bid…but that was many lost bids ago.

Sell quality of service not price.

I always second guess myself. It drives my wife nuts. When I get some of the more difficult jobs we take on I feel like I could have charged more and when I don’t get these jobs I think that maybe I should have went a little lower. In the end I let my conscience be my guide…and sometimes I questioned that to:) You’ll be fine.

The only person you need to be worried about being fair to is yourself…

You could have dropped your price by 50% and they still may have gone with someone else. Maybe they thought you were too cheap and went with the more expensive guy??

As long as you are running at a profit dont worry about loosing bids

Ratio in numbers.
The more you bid out, the more yes’s your going to have.

So very true. Where doing a condo complex next week that I put in a bid over a yr ago and pretty much forgot about it.
Just keep at it is key in my experiences.

thanks john T happy to know i am not alone:D