Search function

When I use the search function it’s sending me to window cleaning threads on window cleaning resource.

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I tried the link @Infinity put out there. Still searches window cleaning

Same here.

It’s a conspiracy they want us to all become window washers


Yeah,same here , window washing, it’s becoming a
PANE. :joy:


Come over to the Dark Side.:ok_hand:

No big for now,I was just WINDOW shopping anyways…

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Ok…Now it’s just becoming …
A PANE in my GLASS …


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There are a few WC companies called Pane in the Glass.

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Did you scroll to the bottom of the screen and use the search box below “community search”?

What is this search function you speak of?

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I’m on a phone. There isn’t a bottom I keep scrolling and scrolling.



So you don’t see this anywhere on that page?

Same here the only community search is on the window cleaning site. I will say its way more friendly :joy::joy:


Try this on your phone. If all you see is your icon and the three bar menu (like in the first picture) rotate your phone so it changes to looking at it “widescreen” and the little search magnifying glass should show up like in the second picture.
I just click the search, then rotate my phone into normal mode and type in my search. Not great, but a workaround for now.


Well, so much for my upload. First picture is phone on it’s side, second is the phone on normal mode.

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image image

I see them… close some windows!! :joy: that’s got to be slowing down your phone lol

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Well I don’t get it. If any of you care, I was looking for a couple good threads on proportioners. I am thinking of building or buying one.

Can someone who can search for topics post a couple links to good threads about proportioners.