Search bar messed up

Every time I search it sends me to wcra…
Is it a glitch?


Same here, and when search results do pop up they are uber old, like 2007.

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Its been like that for a couple days

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So technically nobody can yell “DO A SEARCH” until they get this fixed.:+1:


One thing I have noticed, the grey bar at the top with your icon and the three lines (menu) does not show the search icon there when I am holding the phone vertically. Flip it on it’s side and it shows up.
I find that search does not take me over to WCR. Might help others with that search button not showing up.

Only on my phone though worked fine on laptop.

Same problem here, on mobile

And on regular hosting. Searching sends me to window cleaning forum and shop.

Same problem here.

I just created a temporary workaround until @Chris can get this figured out. I pinned a topic at the top of the home page titled “PWRA community search”. Use the link there to access the community search feature.

Here’s the link you can use:


Thanks for the help. Not complaining just letting yall know there’s an issue