Have a client that wants a deck sealed. We have done them before with pretty good success. This is pt wood that had a clear seal Put on it a few years back. Has some green spots on it. So what is the best stuff to a) clean it and b) seal it. I have read varying opinions and I am just interested In learning a bit more. This project is 4000 sqft. We handle complex washing for this guy and he wants us to do these. If we get this one there is about 10,000 more sqft to follow. We will be doing during the winter here to keep us busy. Pretty big market for this service here. So any advice or suggestions on pricing and procedure would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone ever kicking around on here?

Just did my own deck and an associate that manages a sherwin Williams recommended their product called revive which is oxalic acid that I’m sure you could buy bulk somewhere. -Spray it on let it dwell rinse it off.

I didn’t need to use it since my wood was new only sh and rinse but he claims it works.

Hope it helps.

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Hey Brian, you are probably going to find everyone has different opinions on product choice and price kind of varies from different areas. Me personally, I like TWP and Ready Seal. Some like Armstrong Clark. I had a bad experience with it so I don’t use it. Cleaning, we use bleach on heavy mold and precarbonate on light cleaning. Removing old stain requires a stripper followed by a brightner. Very low pressure on all wood work. Hope this helps.

It is actually for a dock. Our OCRM here says no Stain spraying. Have to rolI. looked into using defy marine wood cleaner and possibly the defy dock sealer. Any feedback on these? The authorities cleared these to go over the open water we will be working with. Really they cleared any stain,oil or water based to go over water.

What’s a ball park on price per square?

Bid this 4000 sq ft dock at 2.50 per and got it. Thanks for the help.

Hey Brian,

Congrats on getting the job. I’m interested in seeing the condition of the wood and what cleaning process you are going with if you don’t mind sharing. Would help me in my area specifically big time.

I will be detailing this project in the private forum. Will not be until Late October though. Not something we wanted to do in the summer heat. I also plan on learning a lot at the PWRA convention from Charles Soden. I believe I saw he is speaking there.

4000 sq ft deck, wow. Big ass deck

Bid a 27,000 sq ft today


Dang thats insane man

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What is it a boardwalk?

Yes a private communities huge boardwalk. I’m scared we might get it.

Wish I had a fear like that, Lmao