Sealing Decorative Concrete - Yeah or Nay?

The picture shows two hours worth of work, one $60 sprayer toasted, and way too much material.

And now I’m late for lunch. That’s the part that aggravates me.

On the way for more product and back to finish up. Finish the first coat anyway.

Tomorrow we’ll apply the second coat.

One of the benefits of charging enough to do the job properly is when you do hit a snag, you can take in stride.

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At least it will look great when you’re done. How many gallons?

We picked up the second five. It’s a little thick in spots as we were having trouble with the new sprayer that we picked specifically for the solvent based sealer. Yes, it will look good when finished.

We stopped using solvent based sealers this year. Started using seal n lock for pavers and stamped concrete. Very happy with the results.

How much did you charge per sq ft? We get between 0.75-0.85 per sq ft out here.

Thats right about where we are at.

How often should you reseal the concrete?

Depends on how much use it gets. Around a pool every 2-3 years for stamped concrete.

Thanks. Had an in ground pool installed end of last summer and was wondering how often the cement around it needed to be sealed.