Sealing Colored Concrete - Wet Look

I’ve got a customer with pigmented concrete, and the color really only shows when it is wet. I’ll be applying a wet look sealer to help the color show all the time. I just did one patio with the H&C Solvent Based Wet Look Sealer. It was too thick to be applied with a pump sprayer, so I ended up rolling it on which took forever. It would partially dry and turn tacky within 30 seconds of application, which made it almost impossible to avoid lap marks. The end result ended up looking good, but took forever. Anyone have better luck with wet look sealers? At this point my plan will be to try applying it with an airless sprayer and see if that goes any better.

Endurable Concrete makes a great surface sealer in matte or gloss.

Sek surebond is now Trident. They cater to the PW industry. I’ve used multiple types of their sealers, with good results. Talk to Mike Kilgore or Lonny Schook

Good luck

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