Seal coating

So this summer I did a bunch of driveways for a guy who does seal coating. I was thinking about it and you can buy a machine pretty cheap and the plant that sells asphalt coating is 35 minutes from my house. Once I clean it they just show up and spray it. He let me spray one and its pretty simple. I guess my question is has anyone else got into this side of the business? Just seams like I’m leaving alot of money on they table after I already did the hard work. Pros/Cons

Pro - you already have the equipment and knowledge to prep it, you have a license and insurance

Con - competition and pricing.

Suggestion - commercial application vs. residential

I don’t know your market, but in my area a lot of people do it themselves. There are a lot of crews who do it in my area, and there are gypsy crews running around from out of state, but it still more economical to do it yourself. I do mine every year that it needs it and mine is kinda large. I just run a squeegee and cut in broom/brush, and tape out my adjacent cement drive and garage. I actually called a couple of places to see prices, then went to HD and bought 12 5ers and did it myself after blowing, PW and taping my drive. Cost me about 250 if I remember right (only real cost was the sealer). I see a lot of others in my area do it themselves too. Even when I lived in a development near a large city, most of the homeowners did it themselves. I have never seen any local business owners doing it themselves or having their employees do it. That is all weekend and after 5 jobs. Add in some line striping and curb painting, and your hiring a crew. One of my friends lays asphalt all over western PA, and they bid seal coating on larger projects (think school parking lots). He says that is real good money.

Good luck to you.

@Firefighter4hire sealing has been a part of my business for nearly 6 years I look at it as an up sell after I’ve done the concrete cleaning. It really is a no brainer to offer that service and bring the average ticket price on concrete cleans up after like you said you’ve done the hard part. Those up sells are a big chunk of money all added up.

@MuscleMyHustle @Dirtyboy thanks for the help. I already do concrete sealer I was thinking about getting into asphalt sealing really just as a add on. I pass on a bunch of jobs to asphalt sealer this year is why I was thinking about getting into it.

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