Scuff marks on pink stucco

Roofing company called me about a house they just installed a new roof on. When the crew was tearing off, some shingles hit the side of the house, leaving scuff marks on the pink stucco. They tried wiping them off with some sort of solvent, but that didn’t work, just left a ‘grease spot’. Pictures attached are of the ones they tried wiping off. Anyone have any experience with this?

If the tar is oil based you’ll want to use a degreaser. I think some tar are made from organic substances so maybe give sh a try too. I’d definitely do a test in an inconspicuous area especially since it’s a new house. Start weak and strengthen as needed. Stucco is pretty tough but, it is new, so I’d be extra cautious. I think I’d want something in writing too saying you aren’t liable for any end result. Not saying this guy would but you hear about contractors trying to “pass the buck”. If the colorant was added to the stucco when it was mixed up if it doesn’t clean up the only option might be to paint the whole house. If the house was painted they’ll be able paint just that area so that changes things a little. Still get everything in writing. Depending on what solvent they used they might’ve done more harm than good. This might be one you just want to walk away from. If you decide to do it charge accordingly. As the risk rises so should your price. Specialty stains should pay very well.


I’ve done some for a roofer. The asphalt came right off for me. Cold water And no degreaser used at all. On brick I’ve used a turbo to blast it but it comes right off using my Jrod rinse tip.

If that acrylic finish coat is painted, they could have just taken that off. If it has not been painted, then the color of that coat is the same throughout. Just remember, that synthetic finish is only 1/16 inch thick.

I had the same issue with a white stucco and I was only able to lighten the stains, not completely remove them. I used 2 different degreasers and tried scrubbing with a brush.

Update: Went prepared to try several options starting from the most basic and working my way up (a different scuff mark with each trial). I started with just pressurized water from the 12v… no bueno. I tried water and Dawn… nope. I tried straight SH… nope. I tried Black Jack asphalt and tar removal… BOOM… worked great! Let it set for about 10 seconds and it all wiped right off with a rag. It’s citrus based (can even use it on animals with tar in their fur) so that made me and the client happy. The only stains that wouldn’t come off all the way were the ones that the roofing company tried to clean with WD40… the oily patch just wouldn’t come off, but the customer was happy with the other 100+ scuffs that we did manage to get off. 4 hours… $920 bucks… and a happy customer. I’ll take it!image


Adding to my arsenal. Thanks for the tip! Congrats on nailing it @BvinR

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That’s awesome!

Damn looks like Maguiers (sp?) from afar.