Screwing unloader back on after cleaning

I unscrewed my unloader knob and took it apart to clean the spring and o rings and stuff bc it was getting clunky and rusty and making my machine run bad. How tight do I screw my unloader valve back on? Will it stop me at the max pressure or something? Bc I’ve heard you’re not supposed to adjust your unloader from the factory setting, just adjust your pressure at the tip. So how would I know how to get it back to the factory set pressure?

If it’s a pressure based unloader, then you need a gauge:

Insert your zero tip and adjust your unloader while pulling the trigger on your gun to the pressure your pump puts out. Let go of the trigger and make sure that it only jumps a few hundred PSI.

There are better explanations here, if you want to do a search. Flow-based unloaders are different. :+1:

Thank you!

Are you using a buffer tank now?

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If you’re running a bypass, setting it is so much easier

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I have a buffer tank but I only use it for my Softwash system and flushing my injector. My washer is a direct drive so since it can’t pull water I connect run it off of the house spigot