Screened in pool deck


So I’m going to be washing the aluminum frame and the rafters/cross beam has mold. It’s above the pool and customer not too worried about overspill as it will obviously occur. Will sh damage screens? & do aluminum and sh mix? I’ve read multiple threads about vinyl housewash w aluminum trim and so and so doin the moonwalk away. I’ve done a few vinyl houses w aluminum trim and haven’t had any issues. Obviously I’ll keep significant pressure from blasting a hole in the screen. More inquiring about screen damage and aluminum damage w SH. Otherwise I’d probably just do a quick wet brush of all the frame and just rinse stricktly water only as it’s not really that bad.


Ask @florida_condo_cleani or one of the othe Fl guys. they wash these every day.


I downstreamed 5 of these last week. Black and white metal cages, color doesn’t matter. Some screens down here even start to turn green. I add a decent amount of surfactant and downstream straight 12.5% and spray entire thing. Never had any problems. Low pressure to apply. Just be careful rinsing and getting too close you’ll rip screen. They are time consuming and it takes a couple of them to learn how not to get soaked while doing them.


House wash is all that’s needed. Treat the frame and screen at the same time. Wait 10 minutes Retreat if necessary. Heavy use of surfactant help a lot on screens. The foamier the better


Oh also factor in rinsing the pool deck when you’re done. They typically get dirty while cleaning cage and looks better with a rinse after. Something to keep in mind when pricing it. Lastly before cleaning cage do a walk around and inspect the screens. Notate any rips or tears before you clean so customer can’t blame it on you. The bottoms normally get messed up from lawn guys and string trimmer


Some good advice here.


Not sure if you Cleaning the deck but if your are DO NOT use high pressure. House wash and a low pressure rince usually works. If not use roof mix and low pressure rince . Most decks or either painted/ stained or pavers. High pressure will strip the paint . Rince the deck really well when done since most people are barefoot In lanais and you don’t want a slip and fall.


^^ this is gold. Down here I will never put a surface cleaner on a painted pool deck unless I’m in the mood to repaint for free. However I’ve never been in that mood. Some pool decks are so fragile I have to rinse some with my soap tip. Takes a while but I don’t have to repaint it


Oh one last thing I notice after looking at photo. This may be obvious to some but not to others, but move all the furniture out the cage and away. Especially the heater. I make the client move everything


Lol I would never ask the customer to move anything. Just bring the coushions in if you want them to stay dry. We tell them if you want to leave the furniture out we’ll clean it at the same time.
The a $99 screen room for us and only takes about 20 minutes for the cage and deck.
90 percent of homes here have them . Once you get the hang of it you’ll be cleaning them super fast


Always :point_up:t2:


what’s happening forum?!? This is turning out better than I thought. Didn’t use surfactant at all. Didn’t want the pool to turn into a bubble spa. And it wasn’t so bad after all. The screen is in great shape as I blasted it unintentionally and it didn’t harm it. Concrete pool deck. Not painted so SC did the job. Thanks Florida condo clean & racer for the insight.


We clean the screens also, inside and out. Obviously the top ones can only be cleaned from the inside though.
They get pollen, dirt and mildew on them, use the wide fan soap tip to wash them. I clean the outside first then the inside otherwise you spray dirty water back into a clean patio