Scott Karvonen aka squirtgun commercial Expert

Just an idea so don’t shoot me. A little history first. Scott Karvonen and myself go back probably 10+yrs now. Agreeing and disagreeing thru emails/PM’s etc. It use to be about the PWNA and a few select individuals there. I never shut communication off with Scott no matter how opposite our thoughts can be. Also when he came out with the PW Mafia shirts they stood for something which is what the Mafia really stood for in the beginning. It was a rebellious reason. Eventually the shirts went to a breast Cancer charity thru Scott and Bob Williamson from

That’s when I bought my shirt,hat & hoodie.

Scott K over the years has helped countless amount of people in this Industry. If I could have given Scott something last year because of that I would have-- that’s another story-- and it will come back around–

Just a thought. After this shirt is being used for new PWRA sign ups… How about we make this shirt available here and everywhere with all proceeds going back to Scott K?

It should be allowed to be sold anywhere. You can brand it here with the PWRA logo on it and it can be sold anywhere else with nothing else on it or whatever Scott wants to add on it.

Obviously nothing in life is free so the cost of the shirts would be deducted from the sales but those sales at least a big % goes back to Scott. If it was me I would give him all the profits.

Scott never asked for this but he’s done alot. Me being Sicilian and dealing with…well whatever, I know the Mafia stood for good in Sicily hundreds of years ago because they formed to stand up against a ruthless Gov’t… And for yrs it worked… The rest well…power corrupts and most know that story forward.

About time Scott K. Gets something back since all he did was give freely on the net, stood up against what he perceived to be wrong, was always honest and he gave a darn… So I say we give it back… Once again this is me thinking aloud and sorry if I offended anyone…but not Scott K. Because I know he can take it:cool: