Schools, Certs, Awards etc


What? I don’t think I advised anything about mold removal or anything specific to you. The point others are trying to make, I believe, is your posts are a little unbelievable. Maybe we are all wrong. A man that won’t tell who or where he is and lives in anonymity isn’t going to gain much respect


Fair enough. I also stated that I will be willing to reveal my identity/business information to those I meet in person. Which still stands.

I am not sure what is so hard to believe. All of those things that I have done can be done in a day or two. You guys already know I choose unconventional routes.


I say we let the situation drop until you post the certificate. Gain some trust back from the members before you go posting again.


That’s because they are intelligent enough to know they don’t know everything. Where as you have other people who think they know everything and refuse to learn anything more.


LOL, how are we suppose to meet you in person if we don’t even know what part of the country you live in. You might live 3 doors down the street from me for all I know.


Can I come meet you sometime during late spring? You seem like one of the few on here that are not poking fun at me all the time. You seem like the authority on roofs.

I have no problem disclosing my information to you.


Be careful Rick or you might end up with lotion in a basket on a rope


I’d meet with you as well. Your business is as close to how I would like to run my business, with the exception of adding roofs to it.

No lotion or rope, gift baskets maybe?


Sure, but no standing around asking too many questions. I’m a big believer in hands on training. I love putting strangers to work.


I think all three of you should get together and go to Dollywood or something.


Awesome and sounds good to me. I have no problem working. I will follow whatever rules you set and bring whatever type of clothing you request of me.

I’ll send you my skype and contact info a month or so in advance, so you can see I am not some silence of the lamb weirdo, I am just a young family man who is a bit paranoid at times.

Never been, care to tag along?


No that’s because they never learned it in the first place. You don’t ask a question on how to do something if you already know the answer… Especially if you are a certified expert.


ROFLOL. Only if you’ll come and be our tour guide. I’ve never been though I think it’s only about 2.5 hours away.


Lol… this one?


When I lived in Maryville, we heardd rumors of Dolly running around naked at her childhoodood land in pegion forge… Went to dolly wood a couple times hoping to see that… But it never happened … :frowning:


I’m not worried about that. If you are, just say goodbye to your family before you leave. Remember the movie ‘Deliverance’. They filmed that about an hour from my house.:slightly_smiling_face:


Actually last year my wife and I were planning on going to Pigeon Forge since neither of us have ever been, but about 2 weeks before we were going is when pretty much the whole town burned down and there were fires in the mountains even down towards us, so we passed. Still haven’t gotten around it.


the funny thing is. driving to work today i saw a local power washer advertising mold remediation. No Bull lol. Apparently being full of shit is contagious


I watched that movie for the first time last year.

I about as harmless as they come. All I want in life in some wealth, good health, and happiness for myself and those around me. :slight_smile:


You better run and sign up for that online course. You can be one too by tonite. LOL