Schools, Certs, Awards etc


I have issue with the certifiers. Think about how the two largest orgs have done so much to hurt the contractor in an effort to sell equipment and pound chests. These certifiers are hand in hand with the same orgs that have pushed bmps across the nation to sell reclaim. Research the history of who you give your money to. I have never called a plumber, electrician or any tradesman and asked if he was certified. I did stop using the pest control guy we have used since we got married in 92 because I saw a BBB sticker on his s truck one day. Support what you believe in. Don’t support what you are against.


IICRC will hook you up with that for a few hours online and a credit card :smile:


I need something a little less esoteric. If I was into carpet cleaning though I would so waste the money!

@Greg755 can say what he want’s about useless certifications, but someone could always respond with “Well considering the fact that I am certified and guaranteed to know something and he’s not, you’re gonna choose me.”

They’ve done studies you know. 60% of the time it works every time.


Sorry, I was referencing an earlier comment when I said “you guys”, I should have clarified.

I do understand your point. It’s sort of like that old joke… What do you call the person at the bottom of the class in medical school? Doctor.

It can definitively be perceived as more important than it is, but I’m not sure how to resolve that. More stringent qualifications would help. I think the UAMCC requires several years of being in business to get theirs. But you are right, the customer doesn’t know if it took 2 years or 2 days to get.


75% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


Statistically your statistic is true 81% of the time.


Post the certificate. Are you a technician or specialist? Don’t lie about simple stuff man. Please post a certificate to prove me wrong. A few weeks ago you didn’t know about mold remediation… now you are certified?? Post the certificates or some proof of your credentials as a mold remediation specialist in Texas… and I’m still surprised Joe Walters covers that.


I am not in Texas. Do you see 2ft of snow in Texas?


Irrelevant. He’s asking to see the certificate. I’ve never thought of mold remediation to be something you could easily get certified in.


I’ll give you a clue, certification cost 299 and the course is online. Took 5 hours.



I’m dying. And this is why certifications are a joke in our industry.


Man you are asking for trouble. For someone that oozes arrogance… you have no clue.
You are not prepared for the trouble that may come your way… no matter the state you’re in


Coming from the guy who’s not certified…


I have spoken with JDW and my state. They both assured me I am 100% fine. I have also spoken with my small business attorney and she says I am fine as well.

What more do I need to do?


Never claimed to be. I understand the implications of stating “mold remediation”

I may sound like a jerk right now, but I don’t believe you. I won’t respond anymore. If you are successful, congratulations.


Well if you are unwilling to help me, why would you mention it in the first place?

Also FYI

Pretty much everyone here is doing mold remediation according to the legal definition. I am just choosing to advertise it / cover my ass as much as possible. If anyone has any advice past what I have done which is.

  • Spoken with the state about what I need to do
  • Contacted and made sure I am covered by my insurance and have approved marketing materials through email
  • Spoken with my attorney
  • Certification for the just in case and to prove I am not misleading customers

If I am doing something wrong then please state it.


sir you are completely full of shit


Lol. I thinl fairy tale has finally caught up with him again


You seen my marketing material, I am clearly advertising mold removal. I have posted what I have done to ensure that I am running my business correctly. I did everything you said as far as that goes.

If I am doing something wrong please let me know exactly what I am doing wrong.