School sponsors


Does anyone else sponsor the schools for advertising? I gave the local school district 550$ yesterday to support the kids 3-5yo the ball team. With this sponsorship, I get my business name on a big sign in the outfield and out names on the jerseys. The field sees between 750-1000 people a day on the big weekends and around 300 on regular days. Anyone else do anything like this?


I do for the High School team… $250 a year for a 4x8 sign. Stays up from Spring to Fall.


Have you made any sales from it? Even if I don’t make any sales, Atleast I feel good about myself haha.


Chances are you will not get any direct measurable ROI from things like that… but it is building your brand in the community which is huge.


This is first year ive done it… signs just got delivered yesterday and will get hung this week.

Full disclosure: im the head coach, ill make sure my sign goes up near Scoreboard.

Im not expecting to get much of a ROI, but more than anything to support the program/second family. Getting the name out there doesnt hurt, but with most all of our 20+ Sponsors just want to support and majority of them are Alumni from the school.


I umpire ball all around the state. It’s my therapy. I’m on a mission this year to get signs on every ball field I possibly can. Including community, HS and college. I look at it as building brand awareness.


Good looking sign


Personally, I wouldn’t pay for a sign at the lower levels or even collegiate. Although there is a single A team in my area that locals attend. I’d say around 2,500-3,500 per game, I’d consider paying for a sign there. Not enough in attendance in the small ball for my interest.


Great looking sign! It always good to see companies supporting the community. Will definitely benefit brand awareness.