School of welders with a washer

Started welding school end of the spring.
This are some of my mig welds on some 1/4 cupons. Learning every day and washing also.
Just a way off topic.

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Im in the same area and need to learn to weld. I was planning on watching YouTube and buying a welder but if i can be properly trained that would be better obviously. Whats the name of the school please

South Florida State College DeSoto campus in Arcadia.

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Thank you. That is probably 90 minutes from me. I guess i coukd throw the same question into the google and see if something is closer

Most community colleges in NC have welding classes.

There is a school in Fort Myers. 10 months program from 8.30 am to 2 pm.
The one I am enrolled in ,is a night school so is a better fit for my program.

Thats way too involved for me. You tube it is! Thanks for looking that up for me. Ill be getting a trailer soon and want to do my own welding on it

Fill pass on a 3/8 cupon.
Hot since I am in school now. I will do another trailer soon and wanted to learn.

A lot of off-road fab shops will do one day or short term workshops for guys just wanting to tinker…just another idea for the mixer.

Y’all don’t need to go trying to learn to weld on the you tube. I already got you trailers ready.

Im going Monday to try and find a 6x10. Ideally tandem

If you get one premade at the box stores or tractor supply it will be junk. Give you a local working shop and have it made. No angle for the joists, no joists more than 2ft on center. No 1 7/8 couplers.

Agreed. Going to a local vendor thats been making/selling trailers forever

That trailer is the shop has that bulldog hitch that slides, I have that on my PJ and I can’t stand it.

I can understand that. Some folks like them though. Like the guy getting this one.

It was bad then i got the trailer powder coated and unsurprisingly it got 10x worse. I just try and keep 'er lubed. That’s why i carry a gallon of KY in my truck… i swear