Scheduling Program

I have been trying and trying to get a scheduling program. Thought I had found it in Taskmasterkec. After getting some basic info found it to be too cumbersome. Too much information to key in. It was like going into a diner, ordering a hamburger and the cook coming out with a cow and trying to shove it down your throat.
Anyway, what I have been looking for is a scheduling program. Simple, set up by Month, Zone, City, Customer, special needs. A program where changing the customer info has to be done only once. Right now I have to do it every cleaning. A click and drag type of program where keying in info is kept to a minimum. Simple reports are offered and if used the customer info will be automatically transferred to the report. Nothinggggg.
Thought Lawn Pro might have been the one but again too much information. I just want to get the scheduling done with as little repetitive keying as possible. Looking online it has become obvious that these programs are built by people that take keying info as second nature. I AM A HOOD CLEANER. Not a keyboardist. I don’t have enough time to spend entering info over and over and over and over. (Crap, flashbacks of PeeWee Herman.) I contacted several people regarding this and found that they have changed their focus from software to creating phone apps. One computer guy is resistantly working on developing the program I want. 01/21/2014. If he can yaaaah hooooo. If you guys can think of anything that mighty be helpful to simplify hood cleaning scheduling, please let me know a/s/a/p so I can try to use it.

Check out or

Thx Trevor. I will look into it.

Well Trevor I went to both sites. It was a waste of time.

[MENTION=7829]Hoodpro[/MENTION] those are the two best CRM and scheduling programs that I know of for the cleaning industry, I am not sure what you are looking for… Good luck!

and is not the correct URL, its

The jobber site looks to have a very interesting scheduling program.
Will keep you informed. Thx

I’m also using GetJobber and its really great. It helps me a lot in my scheduling and it works fine.