Scam alert 10-17-17

Thought I had an actual customer to wash a house that was for sale until I got this text. I’m guessing the guy would give me a stolen CC number

These clowns are relentless. Do you advertise on Craig’s List. We were trying to figure out if this is where they pull there info.

I just do home advisor for now.

It’s just a scammer.

They usually just do searches for a particular genre of service provider, I think. I always respond to their initial text with: “How about if I just notify the police of your request?” And they don’t respond.

I recently had a ladder for sale on Craigslist for $100. One if the many scammers I got made me laugh. They said they “needed the [item here ladder]” (yes, they used a template and still messed it up!) but they had just moved to LA, so they would send a moving company to pick it up the next day if I would accept a credit card payment of $500 that day. I sent my usual response and I haven’t heard from them since. LOL


Weird. Just got it. Now is when I really go to work. I’ll update you all shortly.

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Lost him… unfortunate


I think we should all start asking if they are Boswell or Percy


Omg that’s great haha. I got the EXACT same one as the OP… And Another one from a guy claiming his wife and daughter just died and the hospital wont take his cresit card… and he has a 3000 hospital bill… What a horrible human being

That’s the name of the first two that ever texted me with this malarkey. I texted Boswell for days after that asking if he was safe.

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I love messing with these ding dongs. I think I added some screen shots for another one on @Sharpe’s post he linked above.

That’s the best dip ever, I think I would take payment in the form of grizzly longcut wintergreen.

I had to quit grizzly wintergreen after years. It was giving me terrible heartburn. I chew Skoal Berry Blend now.

It’s funny. Probably 3 years ago I had this moment where I thought… I don’t even like chewing. I just do it out of habit. Still haven’t quit. But yeah the Grizz is my go to.

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Fruit is only meant to be 3 things. The actual fruit. Juice. And fruit snacks.

I can’t do fruit pies, jams, jellies, anything other than the three things above.

And wild cherry Pepsi, but that’s it! Lol


Oddly enough, I worked at a Boston Market at 18 and loved eating cornbread while drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi. Amazing! My go-to used to be milk. And I agree on fruit things, except Skoal. I don’t like any of their fruity flavors, but there is something about the Berry Blend that I found just amazing. Their vanilla and cherry made me feel sick. And my breath always smells good for m’lady. Lol

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Also, $5 off of a roll is a pretty good deal. I get constant coupons from them and use them frequently.

That’s almost the exact same text message I got. Glad I posted this to warn others. I contacted my local police and they really don’t do anything unless the fraud occurs (i.e you process the credit card and send them money)


I got a guy to admit he was a scammer by asking him to teach me the ins and outs. It was a pretty funny exchange.