SC pressure regulator

Jerry is scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to make a sale lol

Dont know Jerry.
But Craig Harrison is endorsing this all over FB.

That should be enough to warn you away

It does.
It seemed odd.
Concept sounds plausible…interesting but not.
Just dont like it

Typically I agree with your responses. Not so much on the Craig Harrison one. His chems and advice are top notch.
F9 BARC outperforms all other rust removers. Doesn’t leave the super white haze like RR+ does on concrete.
F9 Efflo works the best for me the majority of the time. Sometimes Prosoco outperforms, usually not though
F9 Groundskeeper allows you to walk over and clean concrete better than your competitor. Put it on concrete that was just cleaned by someone else and always looks better.
F9 Double Eagle works decent. About the same as EBC

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And that is reason enough to steer clear of used car salesman mentality minded people regardless of whether their product is good or not.

Kinda looks like the handle bars of an oldfashhion bicycle with too many accessories.

You should NEVER have to mess with your unloader. Have you heard of the Suttner ST-53 and 54 dual lance wands? Its the same principle. Yes, you lose pressure AND water which is bypassed through the bleeder hose and we would relocated the hose to underneath the surface cleaner shroud. This way you still had all of the original water under the shroud which could still be used to clean… by the remaining pressure/water from the spray bar. This gave us the ability to clean anything, anywhere and on-the-fly. Sure you would have to move a little slower but you didn’t need to mess with tips, the regulator, a ball valve or anything else. The pressure valve makes cleaning any surface very efficient.

Interesting concept. What I’m interested to know, is how much pressure is lost through this whole mess:


Also, why are they too cheap to use stainless fittings?

There’s a gauge right there it should tell you. :wink:

Dont think you will loose much.
I can always test mine cause of my set up.
Have a filter on my line.
O will place a pressure gauge and will tell you.