Saving time on rinsing

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I’m trying to understand why rinsing down siding with my 4000 psi, 4 gpm pressurewasher is faster than using a garden hose, since the pressure washer is connected to the garden hose. The way i see it the gpm at the end of the garden hose is still the same. So apart from getting more pressure and apart from shooting further, does it really rinse faster? And would it be worth it carrying a tote for rinsing water for residential just to cut down on rinsing time by not being limited by the customer’s spigot? For example using a 7 gpm 12 volt pump from tote seems like it would rinse faster since more volume at 7 gpm than 4…

What are the fastest ways to rinse (12 volt pump, x-jet, shooter tip, other pump…)?

And any tips and advice specifically to cut down rinsing time?

Thank you.

You don’t actually get 7gpm out of a 7gpm 12v I believe.


True, i could imagine friction from hoses and everything could impact the gpm but it must be close? On a side note does anyone happen to know from general knowledge or through experience what the shelf life of roof snot would be in its original container. If someone is selling old pails he had for 2 years or more, is it as effective. Thanks so much.

Right, you’re only going to get about 4-4.5 gpm

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8gpm washer is a good option for faster rinsing.


Using a 12v for both washing and rinsing a house is great if you like wasting your time and profit…


Yes that’s what i realized recently… switched to 4k 4gpm and xjet and it IS a lot faster. But i don’t really understand it yet since i thought a 7 gpm 12 v would rinse faster because the pw is only 4 gpm. That’s what got me scratching my head…

With the 7 gpm? Because of friction and such? Interesting.

So would an 8gpm rinse Twice as fast as a 4gpm? Is that really how it works? Is it that simple?

You can’t really compare gpm from a pressure washer, to a 12v, to a garden hose because of factors like length of hose, nozzles, battery, etc. As mentioned you’re likely only getting like 4 gpm through your 12v after 200’ of hose. A garden hose isn’t going to have the psi to keep up with a 12v or a pressure washer. I would imagine you need some psi to rinse efficiently.

Do a bucket test and time your 12v and find out how many gpm you’re actually getting. Do the same with your pressure washer if you’re curious. I bet with your rinse tip your pressure washer is actually getting a little more than 4 gpm.

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Pretty much. If all variables are the same it’s basically that simple.

I will definitely do a bucket test.

When I say “if all variables are the same” I mean if you’re talking pressure washer to pressure washer. You can’t compare a 4 gpm pressure washer to an 8 gpm 12v or hose spigot putting out 8 gpm and think those will be twice as fast.

For the most part going from a 4 gpm to 8 gpm pressure washer is going to make you a lot more efficient. You’ll also notice a huge difference in the time it takes doing flat work.

“gpm is king” is something you’ll see people say a lot on here and why it’s recommended to buy or upgrade to an 8 gpm as soon as you can.


Most inexpensive way to rinse faster is bolt a 5.5 gear drive pump on and you’ll be rinsing much faster than you are now. You also apply soap much faster as well. 5.5 is the sweet spot for house washing. Like mentioned earlier, if you do a lot of flatwork then 8gpm is the way to go.