Save $750 On Solar Maid- New PWRA Benefit!

Solar panel cleaning is a booming niche services. *Peop […]


hmmm, what do they do that we dont already do?

Do a massive amount of marketing for solar panel cleaning and secure exclusive contracts for service.

I’m not familiar with Solar Maid, but if it’s a well know name in solar panel cleaning and recognized by solar panel manufacturers and installers then it could bring in lots of business from recommendations from these people. On the other hand if you already have WFP or soft washing equipment, the same $4200 for the system, might buy a great deal of marketing for your existing business especially if you are doing it as an add on. This the Solar Maid deal is intriguing to me.

I don’t really see a great deal of solar panels here in Idaho. I guess until recently, I haven’t noticed them. I wonder if there’s a way to google solar panels in your area. There probably are a lot of panels. I’m going to have to start looking out for them.

Same here. I don’t see myself buying an exclusive territory around here anytime soon but a WCRA member had already decided to go with this company before we got the benefit so I know it’s being used.

I just made an inquiry and my area is open. I think I will talk to them to see what they have to say.

Sounds very impressive… Thanks for sharing out the source link…

They want $13’000 for my area. Ouch!

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All NJ territories are already sold out. LOL

I guess Solar Maid is making a little bank…

But are the ones buying it making bank?

Near as I can tell, solar maid will bid/win the jobs and then tell you what they rare going to pay you and how to do the work. I lost a bid to them once, that I know of, and they came in around $1/panel (I don’t remember exactly) which means they are paying the contractor less than that.