Sandstone and (Marble or Limestone statue) headaches at the Cemetery

Commercial site with lots of sandstone and some marble statues. I used SH, Cling-On and hot water to get these results. I applied chems with XJet with maxed ratio. Dwell time around 20-30 minutes. Rinsed using moderate pressure and hot water. I’m not thrilled with the results, but it’s been 12 years since any of this has been cleaned. Does anyone have any sound advice on getting the dark stains, aside from another application of chems and high pressure rinse? Thanks.


Stronger mix

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Did you post treat also? Pre treat in a situation like this to me is only 50% of the cleaning, post treating is the other 50%

Actually not supposed to use SH on marble.


For the stone:

Limestone PreWash: Carbon Stain Remover - PROSOCO Sure Klean 766
Heavy Cleaner: Limestone Cleaner & Remover – PROSOCO
Neutralizer: Limestone Masonry Cleaning Solution - PROSOCO

Marble: Marble Stain Remover – PROSOCO Marble Poultice

To find a distributor near you: 1-800-255-4255
Your distributor will have free samples to test before purchase. Or Prosoco will mail samples to you. If you have a Carter Waters, Goedecke, or SSI Materials near you, they are all licensed distributors.


I did a quick search based on your location and these companies would be your best bet at finding the above mentioned products.

R.L. Wurz (WB Construction Products, LLC)
1670 Harmon Avenue – Unit A
Columbus, OH 43223

Heath Builders Supply
2299 Hebron Rd.
Heath, OH 43058


So helpful :+1:t2:

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Great. Thank you very much!


Is that at a church? It looks like a graveyard. Or maybe that is not a building wall. Either way, my Cemetery has tractor trailers on the tombstones so I may be buried with a lower class of people :slight_smile:

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LOL @Innocentbystander, yep it’s a chapel/mausoleum at a cemetery.

I did post treat. I think that this may need several applications. It’s really deep into the surface. I even used straight 12.5% SH on the surface in several places with very little difference.

If I were you, I’d follow @Historic’s suggestions.
BTW, Where are you located? _

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Going to take way more than one app to clean that. You can use the Prosoco but expensive or you can read the sds. If I’m not mistaken, their cleaning mix includes sodium hydroxide, and their afterwash is Oxalic. so you can add some to your SH mix and accomplish pretty much the same. The oxalic is used to neutralize for the limestone which will get an orangish tint if you don’t. Also, One Restore can be used. We had a long discussion on historic building cleaning on here a year or so ago and I shared a bunch of links from the GSA on cleaning.


Hi @NewGuy89 I’m in Central Ohio area. This location is on the East side of Columbus.

Awesome thanks @Racer I will investigate the Prosoco chems and the other posts. Appreciate the insight!

You stole my line!


I’m not a fan of caustics on marble either…or acids…really marble is done with elbow grease not a pressure washer. I’m talking toothbrush, surfactant, and water…please don’t destroy things that are hundreds of years old. #sad


Who’s talking marble, most of it is Limestone. 10-1 the statues aren’t marble, probably sandstone, limestone or granite. Very little marble used for outdoor statuary in past few hundred years.

The name of the thread said marble

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