Sandblaster kit for down streaming?

Hey guys i really didn’t wanted to spam the site but im really curious. I got a Karcher K7 and i saw this Sandblasting kit for it.
Would it work if i place the tube in a chemical mix and not in a sand bag?
If not, is there a solution to get a down stream to my machine? I searched for it but didn’t found anything.

It might work, but it’s made to pull sand so I’m not sure how it would hold up or pull bleach. I wouldn’t recommend it for professional use. If you’re just doing your personal house or a families house I would use a pump up sprayer. If you want to do it professionally you should look into some good used equipment in your area. I recently found a 4gpm or a 5gpm belt drive for only $450. The deals are out there.

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It will definetly draw chemical, but you have no nozzle options. You would suck down chemicals at an alarming rate.

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Yeah, thats the fact what i didnt think about.