Salty siding near ocean

I’ve never seen siding that looks like post wash after a really poor rinse job before today, but the residence IS at the ocean. Any advice for removing this salt, and should I expect any trouble? Would have ventured on without my braintrust (you guys) but the wind is terrible today.

For Organics like mildew, lichen, moss,
use alkaline.
For minerals like salt, stains, and rust use Acid


Most of the house I wash are at the shore, some right on the beach. The salt film comes off with regular hw mix. You can usually see the salt on the windows really well. They come out great too.

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Here are some pics

After thorough inspection and contemplation, I truly think this is the work of a lousy rinser

That looks like nailite siding from the pictures, and if it is I can Thank Innocentbystander William Page for not getting involved with trying to clean that crap. What it looks like to me from the pictures anyway.

Looks like dirty siding to me. You can’t see salt from Ocean mist or spray in siding only on windows.

Just use you normal house wash and rinse well

Don’t even try to wash that stuff. Walk away

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