Salt deposits from concrete bricks

I have a customer who called me to come see his stones… He understand’s this is common, and the salt comes from the concrete but he Can’t figure out how to get them out. He has tried a multitude of chems, but Hasn’t had any luck… He’s tried CLR, He’s tried effloresant ? (If that’s how you spell it or say it ?)
I even tried a small spot with SH on a rag, and like I anticipated it did nothing as I’ve seen it do nothing before but wanted to be sure. Was wondering if anyone here has had any success with these types of salt marks?

NMD 80 is what you need

Would you downstream it or just use a pump sprayer? I’ve never dealt with that stuff before.

Call your local masonry store and see what they recommend. I’d bet a shiny new penny they recommend NMD-80 like @Oakley said.


Here’s what I use. Also made by eaco chem and lower cost over NMD80.


I like what that’s all about. Think I’m gonna try that, and use a pump sprayer so I don’t get it on any plants or anything like that. What’s good is that you don’t have to rinse that stuff off and it prevents the return (or at least prolongs it)

Effortless is a “LIGHT DUTY” acid, removing mild efflorescence powder. It may work… I still suggest the NMD 80. Good luck!

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