Salt brine solution for winter

Is it possible to treat business store fronts with salt brine solution as a winter job?
Can this be ds?
I was driving around going door to door and got this idea I’m sure someone has thought about it before I’ve not seen a topic on it yet.
My thoughts are what if you got maintenance contracts for applying a salt water solution to store fronts and used a 12v or ds a strong enough mix is that even possible?

So this is up my alley lol.

I can tell you right now that unless you offer snow removal you will have a hard time finding customers. I spray brine on all my accounts. You will also have a hard time with insurance if you are not a dedicated snow provider. What you are dipping into is the most risky part of snow removal as far as insurance claims go. Where people walk is the most claimed area. Also salt brine only works in the right senecio. If it’s too cold brine won’t work. If the snow has a high moisture content, the brine won’t work. If it rains before the snow, the brine won’t work. If it dries and is super windy, the brine won’t work.

I sprayed around 60,000 gallons last winter and spread about 200,000 pounds of salt as well.

Brine has its place, but as a stand alone business, no way. Even as a sub contract business you won’t make much.

Also if you are buying pre made brine it will cost you .75¢-$1 a gallon. I make my own brine and it’s a science in itself.

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No. It would have to be pumped out with either a diaphragm pump (will last about 2 months with the brine eating it up) or a trash pump.

BTW - I am really digging your new rig…


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Thanks for the info I guess I need to look into a snow plow and whatever else is needed not many snow days in west KY though I may look at other ventures for my winter funding. Since I’m new I’m positive I will need it.

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The snow game takes many years to get a decent clientele. I’ve been in it 11 years and finally the self proclaimed “big dog” of my area :joy: still as broke as I was when I was the chihuahua

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Couldn’t afford that upgrade after paying the salt bill from this past winter.