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I’m new to soft washing and roof cleaning since the move from SoCal. I have my window cleaning pitch down when people call and know how to overcome objections and describe the service well.

When it comes to soft washing how do you describe it when a customer asks what it is?

How do you describe the process?

What key words or phrases do you like to use during the sales process to engage and motivate the customer?


Have you read up on the subject & do your research? Just like everything else, read, read & read. I was on all the forums just reading & researching the industry for close to a year before I got into it. Basically soft washing is using very low pressure to wash a home, your letting the soap do all the work, your just applying it & rinsing it. You can use your power washer with special tips or buy yourself a Soft wash system. Don’t tell your customers you pressure wash roofs.

Also there’s no sales pitch. Just be honest & truthful with the home owner. They’ll appreciate you more for it.

“Snake oil” sales pitch are out. Those people should be bagged and dragged away from our Industry.
Like John D says be honest and truthful to your customers and they will appreciate that and recommend you to others. This is where word of mouth is king and honesty along with good work and fair pricing goes a long way in making you successful.

Let me chime in here because I know you have been running a business for a while and have not just jumped into this. Safe seems to always be a key word. Safe for their homes exterior, safe for us not using ladders. Kill is another word. We do not just blast off mold, we actually kill it. Or we treat the mold. We treat the roof. Not wash. That is all I will go into here in the pub forum.

While I am just a few months into softwash/pressure wash market exploration myself, I’ll share what I have been finding. I have been impressed with response from these 2 EDDM mailings: 5k Dirty House (w/ 20% off WC coupon w/ purchase of HW), 8.5k Dirty Home (free basic deck/patio cleaning coupon - up to 150 sq ft with purchase of HW, RW or complete WC).

Coming from window cleaning mentality, my biggest surprise has been the different demographic that has responded. In WC our largest would be upper middle ‘soccer mom’ and upper class. The response to the “DHouse” mailer has been decidedly attractive to the contemplative, middle class boomers and elderly who want to keep their modest residence in good condition. This (DHouse) mailer is very cool because it focuses on the problem and leaves no preconception of the size of home that might be able to afford this service (no whole house picture) - hence the middle class response. I am still below .5% response but at great close rate and a pleasing sale average, and no absolute “no’s” to date. Interesting that a retired middle class couple with a small, vinyl 1-story (2 hrs max w/ my 4gpm) at $385 are tickled pink, while the same WC price proposal for a moderate upper middle class home exterior may be carefully measured against the competition and take 2-3x as long to complete. I suspect that there is significant opportunity in the middle class “vinyl box” market - especially in relatively rural or outlying areas. I love the flexibility and possibilities that reaching into a whole new demographic offers to offset the seasonal challenges of WC.

The “DHome” I used as a test piece to showcase a spectrum of services to several different demographics, since my website is not up yet. There was about a 2k overlap of mid to upper mid homes that recieved the “DHouse” mailer 2 wks earlier. I am pleased so far - this mailer seems to be attracting more upper middle-class and upper class than the “DHouse”, but not alienating the middle class either. It also allows a person to key in on just one service (window cleaning especially) if that is their sole interest then they may consider throwing in a driveway cleaning, deck cleaning or gutter cleaning for an upsell. I am only in my first week after mailing this one and the phone is still ringing. 3 RC, 1 gutter clean, 4 WC (2 closed), 3 HW, 1 Driveway inquiries in less than 1 wk.

Incidentally, I have had NO response to date from the elite communities that I sent the “DHome”. Even the upper class WC job I went to yesterday as a routine spring/fall clean had thrown it away without recognizing our company (she remembered me as a person). These communities seem to be most influenced by word-of-mouth and internet and may weary of a barrage of service solicitors.

Still drawing conclusions, but intriguing observations so far make me excited to pursue the roads less travelled…at least as part of a market testing strategy.

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I wouldn’t go into much of any of it on the public forum, personally.


Get Micah to explain it to them. He teaches classes on SoftWashing!

thought that was the purpose of the forum…:rolleyes:

I’m closing at a good rate just refining

sales pitch doesn’t not mean selling snake oil, to me it means the best way to honestly communicate the benefits you are offering your client, this would be a great topic in the members only forumn to really get the nitty gritty stuff that seams to work, like key words to use and not use,

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If it’s an honest sales pitch then its good. Maybe I was a little harsh when I post that snake oil remark. I get so much telemarketing crap day in and day out that it makes me cringed when I think of some sales pitch.
My bad-- sorry.

Also that would be a great idea to have this discussion in the membership area and maybe even a Webinar that discusses positive sales pitch we can do for our business.

Not sure where you got that idea.
Info like that is for the member section.

that’s the basic method i’ve been using.