Sales pitch for roof cleaning

What are some of the FACTS yall use when talking to a skeptical customer about soft washing a roof. I encounter a lot of elderly people who have never heard of soft washing a roof and think it has to be replaced.

We refer to the shingle manufacturers warranties. They list only one maintenance/cleaning method. Bleach and NO pressure!

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Yeah I definitely tell them that. I live in such a rural area in Texas most people here have never heard of soft washing. I had a lady call me a few days ago, she has been a century 21 realtor for 30+ years. She was convinced she needed a new roof and had already started getting quotes. I made the deal with her that if she wasn’t satisfied with the results it was free. I cleaned her roof and she was thrilled, now she is referring me to friends and clients. A money back guarantee is the only thing I’ve found to really sell roof cleaning to the older generation.