Safety release valve


Could someone post pictures of their set up with their release valve.

I think i am getting confused between safety release valve and heat release valve.


You don’t need either.


Commercial equipment doesn’t typically use them. It is best to remove them if you have either.


My trailer set up has a spring safety valve, should there be a pressure spike the spring valve opens up…

The thermo relief valves, open up when water heats up in the pump on systems that don’t have a bypass


…if bypass fails… thermal release valve is back up?
Then what is the other one for?


Top one is the expansion valve, bottom is thermal relief. What do you mean by bypass failing?. The hose? The unloader? About the only thing that can go wrong is the unloader and you will feel that in the line before and when it goes. Those valves aren’t going to save your pump either way.


Never had an unloader fail yet.
But like you said, if it does i am sure i will feel it.

Then what does the other one do? Or what is it for?


You install it on the pressure side if the pump and set it about 350 psi over what the unloader is set at. If unloader fails it is supposed to relieve pressure until you get the machine shut down. They leak all the time. You can really get complicated and install a easy start valve. They are all manufacturer and vendor gimmicke


Thks a lot for the explamation.
Now i undestand.


Seems like my unloaders are the first thing to go on my machines.


Get a blue spring if you don’t have one already


You get them from Pressuretek?


You can. I get mine from my Landa guy. Anyone should have them


I dunno man, I run pressure switches and a pressure reliefs on all the heads. You may just be talking about about cold machines though and my need would be for a run away burner. I’ve blown up a coil before.


Gotta have a pressure switch on hot water or no hot water. I don’t wash greaay concrete anymore so I haven’t had hot water since about 2000