Ryobi 18V ONE+ 8-Tool Combo Kit (Factory Blemished)

140 won’t last much longer, great to throw in a truck and forget about it. Not the best tools on earth, but will do some jobs, and it has a bit of everything. Shipping is 15 and I had taxes, mine came to about 162 or so.

Thought I’d post it up since I have time. Yeah, I bought one. This was on slickdeals, I won’t put a redirect on it because they make loot off of it.


That’s a steal because Home Depot’s sale is the 6 tool combo for $200. Most of my tools are Dewalt, but I have few Ryobi tools and have had nothing but good things to say about them. For tools I don’t use often, I went that route because they are about half the price. I have the shop vac, 10” chainsaw, edger, palm sander, miter saw and ratchet (all 18V ONE+). The best part for me is you can buy adapters to use your Dewalt batteries on them, so I’m not sourcing two different batteries and chargers.


Probably should have set up several accounts and bought about 20, looks like an easy resell for $50 more.