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Okay, I have been asked by a couple of RV parks to offer pressure washing services to their campers! Can anyone tell me the best chemicals to use so as not to destroy their fiberglass / gel-coat? How about the rubberized roof (similar to mobile homes)? In fact, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Snowbird season in FL is on its way and yhis could be good…

Thanks - David

I don’t know from experience, but there are a number of cleaning solutions for autos and RVs. I would stay away from any harsh stuff because some of those RV’s are very high dollar. An automotive cleaner should cut dirt, bugs and road tar easily without harming the finish.

If you aren’t to busy and the campground isn’t to far from you.

I did it for awhile and quit…just to big a PITA.

They all seem to be very picky.
They are never there when they say they will be.
So you either have to come back to do the job, or go ahead and do the job and having to come back because they weren’t happy with you because it was your fault that they were gone.
I had to supply my own water.

Over all I would still do it if I needed the work, but if you are very busy already, don’t mess up your good paying jobs to mess with these cheap jobs.

Just my 2 pennies.

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Good advice, Jay.

You are on the right track for wanting to use a mild soap. In the Steamaway Truck Wash bay we use R-111 Classic Brown. It is a neutral PH Truck Wash soap, rinses well and won’t harm the paint, polish or roofs. We use it on all dark colored tractors, cars, trucks, and always on motor homes.

You also may want to check the hardness of the water. If it is not good enough no matter what you do it will streak / spot when it dries. You may need to check in doing DI rinse.

Thanks all. Mike, using, as an example, five pounds of Brown Derby, about how many 30 foot RVs could I do? How about other vehicles like box trucks, semi, etc. Just a couple of examples will allow me to figure the rest out and give me a better idea of what I should order now and later as business grows.

Thanks in advance - David

We mix it a 1/2 pound to a gallon. We normally use from 1/2 gallon to 2 gallons on a road tractor depending on the accumulation of road film. If you wet down the surface first and then brush it on it will go farther. Remember this is a mild detergent and it will require brushing. We use it on all dark colored road tractors, cars and trucks. It rinses easy and leaves a bit of a glossy sheen.