Rusty Commercial Sidewalks

One of my Office cleaning contracts asked for a price to clean 3,800 sf. of sidewalk and curb.
I’ll be using a 4gpm 4000psi machine cold water with a Whisper Classic.

My two options for applying a Rust cleaning chemical will be down-streaming or hand pump sprayer.
What would your chemical of choice be to remove rust on this job?


apply Brac F9 with a hand pump sprayer. There are full directions on their web site.

This made me legitimately LOL

Thanks bonefish. It’s nice to get a response to my question. I use search and find posts somewhat related to my question, and the posts are anywhere from 2 to 5 years old. I’m more interested in the new chemicals of 2017 (if there are any) not 2012. I’m sure new chemicals come out every year and I would rather not spend an afternoon scrolling through old search results when I could be out cleaning. Thanks again!

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I agree with you wholeheartedly that the old answers aren’t always the best answer and I’ve said as much when I took heat for not using search enough. It’s all in good fun. The meme was funny though.

Thanks Squid! I’m not lazy, just looking for FRESH help in less time!
On those rare days off, I do enjoy surfing the older stuff.
In this case, it looks like F9 is an oldie but goodie!

BTW, I recall an older post of yours talking about a family member of yours that does SEO?
I could use some of that!
If they are interested…
It’s a simple Wordpress site I’m building myself. I just need HELP to improve my Google index.

OneRestore also removes rust. Here is the web site:

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That’s my kid brother. My website was supposed to be done a month ago, but he’s dragging his feet so I can’t recommend him. Family or not.

I’ve heard good things about ambidextrous services. Actually it’s on my to do list for this week to call.

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+1 tot the Oxalic Acid pump sprayed. You don’t want to downstream this. It’s needs time to work and even brush it in a little.

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Many people recommend them, and i’ve seen a lot of nice websites that they do. Kind of pricey, though, at $2000 to $2500 or so.

I visited a nice pressure washing website, and asked the guy who did it, and he told me. Contacted the guy, and he is quite a bit cheaper and ‘talks’ like he knows a lot about SEO. Might go with him for now, instead of dropping 2 G’s.

Ambidextrous is probably worth it, especially if you are in a market where you need to compete with other strong websites. In my location, no one has a strong web presence, so im hoping it wont take much SEO magic to get up top, so im willing to go with a lesser known person.

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I bookmarked this so I could refer back to it. I try my best to stay local, but the best SEO guy in our area wants $500/month and a $900 set up fee. $2500 feels like a windfall. Let me know if it works out for you.

Yeah, that’s the thing… ive never really priced this stuff, so i didnt know if Amb. Services prices were out of the ordinary or not… i only had three to compare, and they were at the top price-wise… but they might be cheaper than a lot of similar companies. One thing about it, it wouldn’t be much of a risk with them, because they have great reviews and make great websites.

I’ll let you know.

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