Rust Stains from well water on aluminum barn

So I have a customer who have a barn at their plant nursery. When they first started the business, they were using well water, and running it through the sprinklers all around the property.

They have a barn that is completely red from buildup all around it. I’ve tried quite a few chemicals including Luma Brite, CLR, and Iron Out.
A steel wool brush worked well to get it off but I’m looking for a chemical I can spray from a pump sprayer. There are crevices throughout the entire barn and it would take forever to scrub each one. I’m looking for the most efficient way of tackling this job. If anyone has any insight for a situation like this, that would great.

It’s painted aluminum, about 2500 square feet.
About 100 square feet of vinyl siding.
I’m open to light scrubbing if need be but my main goal is to get it clean with a chemical.

Thanks a lot.

Got a pic?

I’ll get one tomorrow

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I get stains from my well water too. I use oxalic on the concrete and my vinyl siding with no problems.

Be careful of acids on the aluminium. You could create a bigger problem than you have now.
Edit: You might try looking at Eaco Chems Learning Center and sending Mike there an email. They’re stuff is pricey but they have a wealth of knowledge and provide excellent tech support so to me the price is justified for certain applications.

That was my first thought when he said a steel wool brush lol

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What’s up guys. After trying a few different things I found something that works PERFECTLY! It’s called F9 I got it from my local pressure washer supply store. It recommends 1-4 but I have to use 1-1 for it get it all off. I’ll attach a photo of before, I’m doing the job this Saturday and I’ll post some after pictures.

A lot of us carry F9 on our trailers. works good but pretty expensive for big jobs. I can get a local aluminum brightener for $6.50/gal that’s great on mud and rust. That wall looks exactly like some boat hulls that have been sitting for awhile. It’s made with a hydroflouric acid I believe… Your local store may have something similar. But if you’d shown the pic originally we all would have suggested F9 as an option.

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At $50 a gallon and using at 1-1 ratio there’s a $1000 in product if the whole barn is like that


Hey y’all. Just an update I forgot to post. Used 6 gallons, straight for the entire barn. Cleaned up perfectly. Thanks!