Rust stains & concrete

What’s everyone using to treat rust stains on concrete?

One Restore or F9 BARC.

Thank you for your reply with a little bit of research f9is the winner one restore leaves a black residue behind for a finished product.

According to…?

No idea. What are you using?

I usually use Cobble Oxhide as it’s a little cheaper and works great. I dilute depending on the severity of the stain. I’ve been told you can downstream it for sprinkler rust, but I haven’t tried it yet - I’m usually 4 gals of water to 1 gallon of Cobble Oxhide and apply it with a sprayer or a roller. Quick and easy to knock off rust on buildings, sidewalks, and driveways.

Just website had a comparison. I’ve never personally used hence the question once you told me the first thing that popped up was this so f9 just looked like the better product

Sweet deal thanks I’ll give it a try

Of course the F9 site will downplay any other chems on the market, it’s their competition.:laughing: