Rust removal pricing?

Wondering what to charge per sq. ft. on painted white brick foundation using F9 BARC.
I have used it before on small areas when doing a full house wash but never charged for it.
But because this is the job cleaning just the lower foundation I’m really not sure.

Charge what you think its worth, every job is different and there a few different kinds of stains. Some rust will require more application so a set sqft price can be difficult to keep consistent. Rust is a restoration job, so you can charge more if you know gow to sell it. If you can, do a test spot. That will give you an idea of how much product you may use.


This is it!

Yes, I agree but I find that working by sq. ft. is more consistent and there is always a range and a starting point. Then from there you figure out if you need to charge more or if you can discount and charge less.
I used to estimate how many hours it was going to take and give customers a even #. And a lot would ask how I came up with that #. Now they comment on how detailed the estimate is and my success rate of getting the job has been greater. But Thank you I appreciate the input.