Rust Removal Pictures?

Hey guys… Im looking for a good rust removal before and after picture. We have been doing a bit of this service lately (thanks F9) - We have taken a few pics and a video but Im not totally happy with them. Does anybody have any they would mind sharing?

Chris you can use mine if they are good enough.

Chris, I have the factory flyer if you want to edit it. I think having a PWRA flyer for F9 would be great! I just sent an email to my graphics guy about making one. Just let me know

Or if you get with Craig, he will send you stock photos


Awesome thank you!

Jeremy could you send it over to me? We will make up a PWRA version this week.


I just sent Jeremy some pics for all of you to use in conjunction with the F9 logo. Any pics used to promote the rust removal need to have the F9 logo on the flyer. Let me know if you need any other ones for different markets. Areas you would want to look into are mostly located in our gallery of pictures on our website for the Best Rust Remover and [URL=“”]Building Restoration Cleaner in the world.

Craig, I will forward it to Chris too. I am anxious to get it out and making money with F9!!

Anyone in Raleigh on the vendor list. I’d not let me know. Pm me or email me details.

I shot you a text with a screenshot

I have some good ones on my Facebook page if you want to use them for something, just shoot me a copy.

Here is a before and after of a house I did last week.

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Looks like new! Very nice.

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I’m also looking for some before and after for my website. Just until I can get some of my own made up. Anyone?

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Johnny boy, you still looking for pics, I have a couple you can use that I can email to u

Yes, thanks!

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Thank you!

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My pleasure. Hope they were able to be of use to you.

Would you mind sending me a few before/after rust pics haim? Thanks!