Rust Removal on new concrete

A couple bought a new house and the husband wanted to give the sod a jump start with some fertilizer and he got a little on the concrete and after he saw all of the rust stains on his drive and sidewalk, he found me on Craig’s F-9 website this is the second job that I’ve got off of Craig’s site.

Nice job…

Looks like new Mr. Ritchie. Good work.

Looks like new! Great job.


Awesome job! That looks great.


What type of Chemical are you using to remove the rust? The job looks incredible.

You can check out my pics on my webpage if you would like.

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He’s using the best rust remover and restoration cleaner, F9 BARC.

Aaron, what was your mixture. I’ve got a small job coming up and wanna nail down my mixture of f9-h2o before I get there. Dwell time, etc. thanks bud and great work!

Looks great. How many applications did that take?

Dirty- cleaned - F9’d!! Rust is gone

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing

Looks great! Nice job.

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