Rust on stucco

Hey guys Washing a house tomorrow that the front side is stucco… from what I can c it has little rust spot on the stucco maybe bleed thro from a nail… what a good way I can remove those spot?? Will some oxidize acic work on these spots

I want to remove the rust not the paint in the stucco …lol



Thanks I guess there using the f9 barc … which I do have some at the house with me… what would you guys do wash the house first then come back and touch up or touch up then house wash?? How will the f9 react with a 12.5 house wash mix…

Shouldn’t be any SH left if you rinsed well. I wash first, spot treat stains second.

Ok cool… I will give it a shot tomorrow

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F9 can/will remove oxidation from siding, and can make siding look “patchy” especially colored surfaces if not careful. So make sure you read on how to apply and dilution ratios.
Also If the stain is from a nail, it will most likely come back.

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Well what if I just make a weak patch… and spray it on intill it removes the rust?? Of corse I will do some test spots first

I’ve never seen oxidation on stucco. I’ve hit it with some pretty strong stuff too. But I agree with you wholeheartedly. Start a low dilution and gradually work your way up.

Repeat rust = repeat customer. It’s probably easier to clean it once per year than it is to have the stuff chipped out and get a patch that actually matches.

Read and watch the F9 video’s
Surface needs to be slightly wet on vertical surfaces and do not let product dry.
Dilution just depends

Ive had some stucco that was oxidized. Its really not a problem if its not a lot of chalk and its the whole wall as long as you soft wash it.

As for the nail, if you can visibly see the nail, than sealing it afterwards could help keep the rust to a minimum. I decline some jobs if i know the stain will come back. Rust removal is not cheap and i dont want them calling me saying it came back after a month, even though i said it might.

That’s a fair point. And a solid viewpoint to consider.

This will be my first attempt of rust removal so I won’t charge them… just going to charge them the house wash and do some test spot of the rust … good learning curve for me… after I get good at removing rust then I will try and charge them a little extra