Rust on side of Painted-Stone building?

Probably won’t submit a bid on it because of the height, but I was curious why another freestanding building nearby with what appears to be the same paint and material used doesn’t have this issue. I’m assuming each one would need to be hit with F9, but maybe I’m wrong. There are over 100 of these up as high as the roof. This is just a small section. Property

Height? Rent a lift if needed…
Looks to me like the iron rods from the concrete being exposed… will come back for sure if left like that.

Maybe it would have to be painted?

True. I’m curious if the property manager has a clue how expensive this will be.
Definitely most resembles the third one (which it was a smooth surface like that pic). It hasn’t gotten to a stage where the iron is visible, but I figured more is going appear over time. It isn’t that old of a building which has to be pretty upsetting to the owner.

that is easy money. don’t pass it up.