Rust on Asphalt Shingles - Need Help - Estimate or Replace Shingles

Ok, got an estimate request for this roof, I have never done a roof and other than the obvious knowledge “don’t use pressure” on the shingles… So I’m deciding if I should go ahead and try the job or walk away before I get in over my head. Any advice would be mega appreciated.

#1 I have a standard 4gpm pressure washer - if any of you were to attempt this what chems would you use and techniques or what tips do you have to reduce pressure or stay away from causing damage with my setup. How would you safely perform this wash.

#2. What would be a standard price per foot on a job like this for you? - I believe the homeowner simply wants the rust colored section in the valleys of the roof cleaned - not an entire roof wash.

Thanks guys, I look forward to the great advice. And if search function is needed more - give me some leads on which past topics to look at.


That will be pretty simple using a pump up sprayer, garden hose, and either Rust Remover Plus, One Restore, or F9. No pressure washer needed.

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Awesome, thanks @EcoClean!

So you would recommend a spray down / pump sprayer with chems + rinse. Awesome, that is a lot easier than I was thinking it would be.

I did end up losing the bid - but that is okay because I am here to learn and I’m gaining the knowledge by raising questions which in the long run is much more valuable to me :smiley:

Out of curiosity, which one of the chemicals you recommended would be your favorite or “go to” for a project like this and why would you prefer to use it over the others?

Thanks again for the reply!

Yeah. Personally I would have mixed half a gallon of One Restore to half a gallon of water in a pump up sprayer and saturated the area and allowed dwell time. Over the course of several minutes you should see a noticeable difference. You may need to reapply some more One Restore, maybe even at a slightly higher concentration, to completely lift the rust stains. Then rinse with light pressure from a garden hose.

You would probably be looking at 15-20 dollars worth of One Restore at the most and maybe 30 minutes of time.

I always keep One Restore on the truck because it’s so versatile. It will clean so many things and has a rock solid reputation. I also keep Rust Remover Plus, but it’s a bit more expensive and more focused in it’s abilities to rust stains, so I keep it for the really nasty rust stains. F9 works good too, especially on battery acid stains, but that’s very limited here, so I only order it on a “as needed” bases so it’s always fresh when I need it.

If you’re in a pinch and need to remove small rust spots, you can buy some muriatic acid from home depot, or lowes. usually 2x gallons for 12 bucks or less. Use a small pump up sprayer and mix it 4 to 1 water to acid. wear mask and eye protection, (or just be really careful) and rinse thoroughly within a minute. 1/2g of mix will go a long way. When done, rinse sprayer really good and flow water through.

I had a similar problem but way worse. Home owner was going to replace the roof. Tracy Handle of North American sent me F9 barc. It worked amazing and made me look like a hero! ( I don’t think the roofing contractor liked me though)

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