Rust from hell

Thanks I’ll try some more ox an see what they want to do.

My well water is that bad. I can get it off some spots but I couldn’t get it off my neighbors siding with ox. I didn’t try F9 because it was a free job to experiment. Also it’s not rust it’s iron in the well water.

Is the hard pan that shallow there? I guess contractors don’t dig too deeply there. All we have around my area is rocks/shale/fly ash, so they kinda wind up digging/leveling to get the big ones out, rockhound, spread minimal soil.

As BillC said, some well water is bad and if not treated it does that.

Isn’t there a chemist on this site? I just want to make sure I am clear, this isn’t rusty pipe water, this is iron in water, that when left to dry on the surface of house or concrete it oxidizes and leaves rust marks/spots? Unless there is something different I am unaware of. In large agricultural regions fertilizer runoff causes this? Is this what they are amending the soil with? I can’t figure that out, unless they are adding iron, would a 10-10-10 mix cause this? Manure wouldn’t, unless they are liquefying it with something odd, like maybe a hard water with iron in it.

sorry for 20 questions, but I am the kind that wants to know Everything to make more informed decisions. I hate guessing, I am bad at just guessing. Now deductive reasoning…

Thank you for your detailed reply, I understand your process better. Better to go light at first, step up as needed.

I am going to go look at some friends houses for rust to try this out. Getting to be fall, start of winter, I’ll have to read up on that chemical’s properties/working temp. Some things don’t like the cold…like my joints. I actually like winter, but as I get older my body doesn’t share my mind’s thoughts.

Oxalic works pretty well to get rust stains off non-porous surfaces. By itself, It doesn’t work well on concrete. The product @APW1 mentions, White Ox, is not just overpriced oxalic. It is specially formulated to remove rust. It has oxalic, but it also has Ammonium Fluoride and Hydrogen Fluoride and probably a bunch of other stuff that I can’t pronounce. Stick with rust removers for removing rust from concrete.

It sounds simple and may have been mentioned but we treat major rust issues from dumpster pads and other areas with industrial CLR use a disc then retreat with commercial bleach

What is that? And where do you get it?

Exactly! What chemicals have you found to work best? Have you tried One Restore, it’s $69.99 per gallon? I haven’t tried it yet.